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Finding Your Necklace Size
Measurement are in inches

14" Necklace
Fits most like a choker

16" Necklace
Falls perfectly around the base of the neck like a collar. On a petite woman it will hit your collarbone while for plus size women it might feel more like a choker.

18" Necklace
A common choice for women that will fall just below the throat at the collarbone. This length is popular for adding pendants which will hang over a crew neck.

20" Necklace
Will fall a few inches below the collarbone and allow a little more breathing room. Perfect for a low, plunging neckline or if you want to wear it over a turtleneck.

22" Necklace (Men's common length)
Falls at or above a low neckline.

24" Necklace
Falls below the neckline.


Finding Your Bracelet Size
Measurement are in inches

Measuring Your Wrist for an Accurate Bracelet Size
To find your perfect bracelet size, follow these steps:

Step 1
Measure your wrist with a flexible tape measurement or a strip of paper just below the wrist bone, where your would normally wear the bracelet.

Step 2
If you are using a plain strip of paper, mark your wrist size with a pen or pencil then use a ruler to measure the length. That would be your wrist size.

Step 3
To find your bracelet size, just add your wrist size with the appropriate measurements below.

For a Snug fit add .25-.5 inches. Because fine leather will stretch by 10% we recommend no more than an addition of .5 inches to your wrist size for a perfect fit.


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