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These are “Treasures to Remember” and when treated properly, the memories can last. We cannot be responsible for any misuse or not following our care instructions.

Care & Cleaning of Your Jewelry

Greek Leather Cord: Is not waterproof - and is not to be worn when wet. Simply take it off, wipe and let dry. Oils in your skin will keep it supple. Wetness will eventually damage and break-down the leather. Use only: Howard Leather Conditioner. Conditions with lanolin, neatsfoot oil, and aloe vera. Protects with carnauba wax and bees wax. Apply gently and wipe off.

Beach Glass Frosted Rings: Are BREAKABLE!!! When dirty, wipe with a lint free cloth with rubbing alcohol.


Freshwater Pearls: Avoid contact with lotions, make-up, hairspray etc..Pearls require moisture from the air. Cleaning: It is best to clean pearls with a soft cloth and diluted mild soap and warm water. DO NOT scrub pearls or expose them to any of the following chemicals: • pool chlorine • household cleaning products or jewelry cleaners • Toiletry items including cosmetics, hairspray, lotions, perfumes etc.
• Ultrasonic cleaning machines, steamers or tumblers

Copper Coordinates Ring: Shine it with #0000 steel wool, or let it patina naturally.

A little care can go a long way to add to the longevity of Knotique Treasures.

Leather Wear & Care
Knotiqure coastal inspirations jewelry uses only quality leather cord. How long it lasts will depends on the usage. It is not Waterproof and we strongly advise you to remove it when showering, swimming, exercising and sleeping. We understand if you wish to wear your piece of jewelry 24/7, the cord may need a  replacement faster, just be aware. In general after a while, the leather cord will show discoloration and might need a replacement. We do offer a restring cord/glass ring service at a quoted charge plus S/H. The leather we use in all our products is 2mm cord tied with nautical style knots. After wearing your jewelry for a while, make sure the knots are still tight. You can tighten the knots every now and then, especially when you realize the knots are a little bit loose.

Repair and/or Resize
Knotique coastal inspirations jewelry offers a repair service. If there is a problem with any part of your purchase simply send all pieces of the jewelry, even if broken, USPS Priority Mail, delivery confirmation. Ship to: Jennifer Tronolone, 3301 Ellington Road, Hiawassee, GA 30546. We will assess the problem. If it is a simple leather cord restring the cost will be $22 per item – includes S/H. If the beach glass, clasp or pearls are the issue we will send you a quote for replacement.

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