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After many years in the advertising field we decided to return to our natural passion—fine art. With our love for sailing and the coast we decided to move to Clearwater Beach, FL in 2012 to share our coastal inspirations with others who could appreciate our talents.

Our love of all the beaches and coastal places we have visited in our lives became the inspiration for the creation of our own line of original beach glass jewelry. Something that you could wear everyday to remind you of the joys and simple happiness that being close to the coast and on the beach brings us all. To keep that feeling alive, we started with the concept of using a simple handmade frosted beach glass ring to symbolize timelessness and eternity. We wanted to mimic the wonderful colorful sea glass found on many beaches. After months of trial and error we created our original, colorful, frosted beach glass. The look is clean and gives off our amazing  light catching glow. We then choose the natural beauty and strength of genuine leather cord to lash around our frosted beach glass rings and using handcrafted knots we fashioned it into our unique bracelets and necklaces.


Hence the brand name “Knotique” coastal inspirations. You’ll also find that we use several colors of high grade freshwater pearls in some of our inspirations. We believe that Pearls are not just gems, but are a veritable storehouse of good will and positive, uplifting feelings.


Wherever we go in our lives being near the coast always keeps us in touch with our true feelings and finds us peace of mind. We hope that our coastal inspirations will do the same for you. Making you treasures to remember.


Take a journey through our online store for one of a kind coastal inspired jewelry.

Jenn and Duane

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